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Mobile operating tables for all surgical applications.

Axis 400 – 800 Series

The Schaerer Axis is a mobile general surgical operating table of cantilevered design suitable for all surgical applications. This design facilitates imaging of most of the patient without moving the patient. Depending on the operating site, the patient can be set up in Position A or B, thereby offering clear imaging access from chest to toe (Position A), or from head to below the knee (Position B).

The Schaerer Axis features two drive systems operating independently of one another as well as an integrated emergency control panel.  This feature plus the high quality of Swiss engineering has created one of the most reliable operating tables on the market.

Three large double swiveling rollers assure excellent movement characteristics in all directions.

A wide range of accessories is available to suit all surgical applications:

The Schaerer Axis can also be used with the Schaerer M.I.S. Extension System:

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