Spine Positioning System II

The Spine Positioning System II is an integral component of the pain management fluoroscopy suite.

With this system, procedural set up time is reduced, patient comfort is enhanced and unwanted movement is minimized. Most importantly, the target anatomy is more readily visualized which allows the physician to perform spine procedures in a more efficient and secure manner.

In collaboration with leading pain management physicians, Oakworks designed the Spine Positioning System II in an effort to achieve the critical balance between optimal imaging and patient comfort. The radiolucent adjustable frame and versatile padding system provide a metal free imaging support platform capable of quickly positioning a wide variety of patient physiques for extended periods of time.

The adjustable face rest position provides individualized positioning for all types of cervical procedures and anatomy. The contoured torso support pad is complimented by a host of uniquely shaped and sized adjuster pads and wedges that enable a multitude of positioning combinations for ideal patient comfort and imaging needs for all spinal column procedures.


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Oakworks SPSII brochure: click to download.

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User Manual – click to download


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