Pedigo 750 Transport and Emergency Stretcher

Pedigo-NE Eye Stretcher.



Bowman Hand Sanitisation

Bowman Hand Sanitisation Infection Prevention Stations for hand sanitisation. Optional tissue and face mask dispenser, accommodates most major manufacturers’ tissues… Read more »

Bowman “Cover your Cough”

Bowman “Cover your Cough”   Infection control starts at the door! Having the correct dispensers can help prevent infectious outbreaks and… Read more »

Bowman Glove Dispensers

Bowman Glove Dispensers   Many reasons to choose from the Bowman range of glove dispensers: Universal Fit – Dispensers fit… Read more »

Bowman Protection Systems

Bowman Protection Systems Convenience and Accessibility  BOWMAN Protection Systems provide a versatile option for standardizing the locations of Personal Protective… Read more »

Spine Positioning System II

Spine Positioning System II The Spine Positioning System II is an integral component of the pain management fluoroscopy suite. With… Read more »

Axis 200 – 300 Operating Tables

    Mobile operating tables for all surgical applications. AXIS 200 – 300 series The product line Schaerer® Axis 200/300… Read more »

Axis 400 – 800 Operating Tables

  Mobile operating tables for all surgical applications. Axis 400 – 800 Series The Schaerer Axis is a mobile general surgical… Read more »

Arcus Operating Table

  The Schaerer Arcus is a mobile universal operating table suitable for Bariatric patients. This table has many features: Maximum… Read more »

M.I.S. Extension System

  M.I.S. Extension System for Hip Surgery The Schaerer M.I.S. Extension System is a flexible, easily operable instrument for assisting… Read more »

imagiQ2 Imaging Table

New Generation Low-Dose Surgical Table The Stille imagiQ2 table is designed with perfection for image-guided endovascular procedures. With pricing, safety… Read more »