The Broselow Cart (Broselow Trolley) is a Paediatric Emergency Cart (Trolley) which has colour-specific drawers designed to utilise the Broselow method for emergency paediatric care.

The Broselow Paediatric Emergency Cart manufactured by Armstrong Medical is designed  to operate with the Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape, also called the Broselow Tape.

The Broselow Cart is constructed in light weight aluminium  with 8 colour coded drawers which match the colours on the Broselow Tape.  The Cart is available with a wide range of accessories required for emergency treatment.

The combination of light weight, wide range of options and colours which exactly match the Broselow Tape make this the ideal Paediatric Emergency Cart.

The Broselow Tape is a colour coded tape used to simplify the treatment of children in paediatric medical emergencies.  It is a colour-coded tape measure that is used throughout the world for paediatric emergencies. The Broselow Tape relates a child’s height as measured by the tape to his/her weight to provide medical instructions including medication dosages, the size of the equipment that should be used, and the level of shock voltage when using a defibrillator. Particular to children is the need to calculate all these therapies for each child individually. In an emergency the time required to do this detracts from valuable time needed to evaluate, initiate, and monitor patient treatment. The Broselow Tape is designed for children up to approximately 12 years of age who have a maximum weight of roughly 36 kg (80 pounds). The Broselow Tape is recognised in most medical textbooks and publications as a standard for the emergency treatment of children.

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