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The Stille imagiQ2 table is designed with perfection for image-guided endovascular procedures. With pricing, safety and features optimized for both in-patient and outpatient

settings, the imagiQ2 surgical table is enhancing mobile Hybrid OR procedures and conventional endovascular repair.

Improved Procedure Time 

The Stille imagiQ2 has faster, smoother, more accurate movements and crystal-clear translucency. These features help save time in the OR and minimise the need for C-arm adjustments that could contribute to overheating. The ultra-slim design and super-low base make it an ideal compliment for any size C-arm.

Patient Weight Capacity

The imagiQ2 has a standard patient weight capacity of 225kg, however the table may be upgraded to 300kg capacity.

Choose a Low-Dose Enabler 

The high-performance carbon fibre table top provides unbeatable transparency (0.4 mm Al), considerably reducing radiation dose from the C-arm without compromising image quality.

True Free Float™ Technology 

The cardiovascular system is not designed to operate on straight lines, neither should your vascular table. The True Free Float™ technology* of the Stille imagiQ2 gives you unprecedented control and freedom of movement in any desired direction while providing

state-of-the-art smoothness that only Stille can deliver. Stille has been developing medical devices since 1841 and has always been committed to providing the safest and highest performing solutions that will live up to our motto: Surgical perfection.

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Brochure imagiQ2 Imaging Table

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