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M.I.S. Extension System for Hip Surgery

The Schaerer M.I.S. Extension System is a flexible, easily operable instrument for assisting in minimally invasive surgery with the main focus on hip surgery. The instrument allows the positioning of the lower extremity as required in regard to the surgery practice and therefore is especially adapted to ensure safe and efficient procedures.

Already after a short introduction the system enables competent handling thanks to its state-of-the-art ergonomics. As a result of its novel kinematic concept, it reduces the risks of minimally invasive operations and makes the controlling and the overview of the operating field easier for the surgeon during the whole operating procedure.

With the development of this innovative extension and positioning instrument, Schaerer Medical AG provides a support system aligned to the particular requirements of gentle orthopaedic surgery, which is also capable of being expanded for applications beyond hip joint surgery.

The Schaerer MIS-Extension has been developed in close cooperation with experienced Swiss orthopaedists and surgeons on the basis of a new kinematics concept.

MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery) designates a muscle protecting procedure in surgery on the hip joint. The objective is the minimisation of damage to the pelvic-trochanter musculature.

During the operation the operator can activate all important functions with one hand only. The Schaerer MIS-Extension can easily be locked and released for the rotation in any position with the thumb.

The Schaerer MIS-Extension enables the operator to face the increasing demands regarding minimally invasive procedures, offering both ease of use and an exceptionally comfortable cushioning surface for the patient.


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