Broselow™ Paediatric Emergency Cart

Drawers are ColorCoded using the Broselow™ method designed with children’s care and procedural accuracy in mind.

The Broselow™ Paediatric Emergency Cart is 45% lighter than steel.

Includes 9-drawer A-SMART Premier Breakaway Lock Cart (30″ total drawer space), tuck-away two-way side shelf, 30″ locking bar, stabilizing frame/bumper system, seamless plastic top, soft grip push handles, two accessory attachment panels, all-swivel TENTE casters (two locking), and one swivel/fixed tracking caster.

Overall Dimensions: Overall: 46.05″H x 25.03″D x 34.05″W (includes bumper, handles, and casters)
Drawer Configuration: 3″ (8), 6″ (1)

Broselow™ products are exclusive to Armstrong Medical.

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