imagiQ2 Imaging Table

Stille most advanced table for use during procedures such as cardiovascular surgery, pain management, urology, and neurosurgery- where precision and high quality imaging are critical.

Less radiation exposure: imagiQ2 has a carbon fiber top that is highly translucent to the radiation from the C-arm. imagiQ2 is 60 percent more translucent than other fluoroscopy tables. This is important especially for members of the operating team that have daily exposure to C-arm radiation.
Quick and easy positioning: Adjust the patient’s position quickly and intuitively using our True Free Float® technology that enables full flexibility and control over movement, in all directions. imagiQ2 is designed for both heavy loads and tall patients. Using imagiQ2 you can cut operating times with up to 40 minutes.
Higher image quality: imagiQ2 has an extremely low base with wheels that retracts into the base. The C-arm does not risk hitting the wheels and can easily be positioned for best possible image quality. In order to avoid any image distortions or artifacts, imagiQ2 has rounded edges.
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