HiPot 150® Insulation Tester

The HiPOT 150® is a portable high voltage test set that is designed to locate faulty insulation on electrosurgical instruments and accessories.

The case is very rugged and provides room for cable and accessories. The HiPOT 150® supplies a high voltage at a very low current. When used as outlined in the instructions the unit provides a high level of safety. The unit provides a:

  • 4kV test voltage for monopolar accessories
  • 1kV test voltage for bipolar accessories
  •  Visual (meter) and Audio indication of ionisation and breakdown
  • Continuity test, Audio and LED indication
  • Switch and continuity test for diathermy pencils
  • Rechargeable battery with a protected charging circuit so that the battery will not overcharge even if left charging indefinitely
  • The HiPOT 150® will switch off if the battery is over discharged
  • Run time on battery of approx. 12 hrs
  • Automatic switch off if idle for approx. 10 minutes
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