HiPot 150® Insulation Tester

The HiPOT 150® is a portable high voltage test set that is designed to locate faulty insulation on electrosurgical instruments and accessories.

The HiPOT 150® supplies a high voltage at a very low current. When used as outlined in the instructions, the unit provides a high level of safety. The unit provides a:

  • 4kV test voltage for monopolar accessories.
  • 1kV test voltage for bipolar accessories.
  •  Visual (meter) and audio indication of ionisation and breakdown.
  • Continuity test, audio and LED indication.
  • Switch and continuity test for diathermy pencils.
  • Rechargeable battery with a protected charging circuit, so the battery will not overcharge.
  • The HiPOT 150® will switch off if the battery is over discharged.
  • Run time on battery of approx. 12 hrs.
  • And automatic switch off if idle for approx. 10 minutes.

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