Vacuum Mattresses

The secret of perfect adaption to the body by VACUFORM 2.0 surgical matresses is microballs of styrofoam, which are stabilised by vacuum to give a lasting, completely supportive form.

Reducing the diameter of the filler balls by a fifth enables significantly more precise adaption of the surgical matresses to the body. The new MicroSpace system increases the feeling of physical comfort for the patient significantly compared to conventional fillings.

The product benefits of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses
  • Optimized pressure relief
  • Free of latex, PVC and softening agents (biocompatible)
  • 100% suitable for X-ray, MRI and CT use
  • Image converter application possible during surgery
  • In color-therapy, the color magenta is described:
    “Having a general harmonizing effect on body and soul”

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