CBR1041 Cervical Biopsy Punch with rotation

Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch is a device made of stainless steel to sample cervical tissue.

  • New top jaw is now stronger than titanium, and 4x the strength of previous jaw
  • Allows a biopsy to be taken from a hardened cervix
  • Low profile jaw provides better access to the transformation zone when it migrates into the endocervical canal
  • 360° rotation enables enhanced positioning and patient interaction
  • New top jaw ensures a sharp, clean cut reducing cervical trauma and patient discomfort
  • Single-use eliminates cross contamination, inadequate samples & repeat procedures
  • Cost effective with no repair bills
  • Lightweight compared to alternatives
  • Ideal for busy clinics
  • Useful for increased HPV testing demands
  • Polybag has now been refined, to save 550kg of plastic per year
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