The AT4 Surgical Tourniquet System used in orthopaedics and emergency is a completely new design which is intuitive and simple to use.

The AT4 Tourniquet System is intuitive, compact, robust, light weight and very easy to use.  It is a state-of-the-art dual channel electronic tourniquet with integral power supply. This means it requires no external compressed air supply and comes with a mobile stand and cuff supply hoses. The Electronic Tourniquet operates from its own integral air supply. As a result, this means no need for air supply hoses, medical air cylinders, or power leads.  It uses minimum power, the 25 hour battery can be in use all day without the need to recharge until the end of the list. The Tourniquet System also completes automatic self-diagnostic checks on start-up. This means the device is calibrated every time it switches on.

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