Bowman Protection Systems

Convenience and Accessibility 

BOWMAN Protection Systems provide a versatile option for standardizing the locations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies in patient care areas. 

Protection Systems are utilized in high traffic, highly visible locations outside patient rooms. 

Permanent- BOWMAN Protection Systems are designed to be used for standardization of location of protective equipment for everyday protection by placing units permanently on walls outside of patient rooms. 

Dual Purpose- When infection is identified, the isolation sign can be added to the wall unit, converting it into an isolation station. 

Portable- The Protection Systems can be hung intermittently on patient doors and are a cost effective adjunct to existing isolation carts. 

Consumable Products- The system is designed to fit consumable PPE products from most major manufacturers. 

Easy Access- The unit has no doors or drawers allowing for easy access and visualization of consumable products. 

Clear Corridors- Protection Systems provide organization of PPE supplies, reducing clutter in high traffic areas by mounting units on walls or doors located near patient rooms, eliminating the potential for blocking entry and exit ways. 

Visible Cue- Supplies are highly visible to staff and visitors, improving compliance with isolation policies related to PPE donning, thereby decreasing the potential for costly HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections). 


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