Bowman Glove Dispensers


Many reasons to choose from the Bowman range of glove dispensers:

Universal Fit – Dispensers fit most standard glove boxes 

Cost Effective – Good, better and best material options to meet any budget 

A Finish for Every Interior – Available in stainless steel, powder-coated steel, PETG plastic, ABS plastic, fauxwood ABS plastic, polycarbonate plastic, and coated-wire 

Most Size Configurations Available – Single, double, triple, and quad 

Place Them Anywhere – Most glove box dispensers can be mounted vertically and horizontally 

Drop-In Convenience – Available in Divided and Non-Divided options 

Display Your Way – Minimal to full glove box visibility 

Private Labeling – Available for most units 

Store or Organize Anything – Think outside the box (See pages 74-75 of our catalogue for more ideas) 


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