Oakworks Medical manufactures a full range of high quality, low cost C-arm imaging tables for pain management, vascular / cardiac procedures, endoscopy, and urology / lithotripsy.

The range includes:

  • Fixed Height Imaging Tables
  • 1 x Movement Imaging Tables
  • 3 x Movement Imaging Tables
  • 4 x Movement Imaging Tables
  • Bariatric Imaging Tables
  • Urology Imaging Tables
  • Lithotripsy Imaging Tables
  • Spine Positioning System

All the imaging tables feature carbon fibre table top with either rectangular end or integrated headrest-shaped end.

Heavy duty locking castors and a very stable base enable safe patient transfer and rock-like stability during procedures.

The Oakworks Spine Positioning System is an integral component of the Pain Management Fluoroscopy Suite.
With this system, procedural setup time is reduced, patient comfort is enhanced and unwanted movement is minimised.
Most importantly, the target anatomy is more readily visualised, which allows the physician to perform spine procedures in a more efficient and secure manner.


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