Patient Transport Stretcher

QA3 Patient Transport Stretcher With its commitment to using the latest technology and materials for maximum functionality, we are proud… Read more »

Paediatric Stirrups

PediStirrup offers a solution for Paediatric Laparoscopy and other Paediatric procedures requiring lithotomy positioning, especially where intra-operative re-positioning may be… Read more »

Limb Lifter

The preparation of a surgical site on either the arms or legs of a patient often requires lifting, holding and… Read more »

Spinal Positioning System

Carbon Spine Frame (CSF) Unlimited mobility and accessability for spine Surgery The Schaerer Carbon Spine Frame (CSF) is an innovative… Read more »

Hip Positioning

Hip Fix The Hip Fix provides the operating team with accurate and stable patient positioning on the operating table. Hip… Read more »

Hand Positioning

Hand Fix Small operating table for hand surgery that facilitates procedures like: Dupuytren’s contracture Different surgery on flexor tendons Tenolysis Tendon… Read more »

Vacuum Mattresses

Vacuform The innovative VACUFORM 2.0 MicroSpace system The secret of perfect adaption to the body by VACUFORM 2.0 surgical matresses… Read more »

Samarit ‘Rollbord’ Patient Sliders

Samarit “Rollbord” Patient Sliders SAMARIT PATIENT TRANSFER SYSTEMS assist with the transfer of patients without the need to lift. The… Read more »